Wedding & Senior Photographer Based in Connecticut and Beyond

Photography is more than a job for me, it is my passion that I hold near and dear to my heart. Connecting and building relationships with my clients is one of the most rewarding parts of my photography experience. Delivering photographs that allow you to relive that moment and feel the feels all over again is what it's all about. 

You can expect a lot of laugher and corny jokes during your session when you are in front of my camera. Yes - you will get the pretty portraits but I want this to be an unforgettable photography experience, one that will make you want to come back for more because you felt like a model. 

Meet Justin 

things I love

 Disney is my favorite place in the world and I feel right at home when I enter the magic kingdom. My favorite Disney classic movie is Beauty and the Beast! My all time favorite character is Olaf. I am a dole whip lover and my favorite show at Disney is the fireworks in front of the castle. 


Baking & Sweet Tooth

I love to bake and I have one big sweet tooth. I love anything chocolate and gummies. I love watermelon sour patch kids and ANYTHING chocolate with peanut butter in it! Just to let you know wedding cake is my absolute favorite and I pretty much wish we could just skip dinner and go right for the cake.
But hey, that just me !

Statement Bowties 

Ever since, I started shooting events & weddings, bowties have been a statement for me! I even, on accident, showed up to a wedding not wearing a bow tie, because it was a crazy morning, and my bride turns to me and says "ummm.. where's the bow tie, we have always looked forward to your bowtie!" So ever since then I NEVER forget my bowtie on a wedding day especially! 

Netflix & Disney+

I love binge watching T.V. and Netflix.
Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Stranger Things, The Voice, Parent Hood, and Cooking Shows are a few favorites.

Places I Want to Shoot In 

• Hawaii 
• Paris 
• Spain 
• Greece
•South Carolina  
• California
• Israel

if you are feeling                                and would like to travel to one of these places - reach out to me for a special rate!