High School Senior/Portrait & Wedding Photographer 

Based in West Hartford Ct & Beyond 

The Booking Process 

Is to contact us we love high school seniors, high school seniors remind me of myself when I was in high school. Celebrating that win on the football field or even just walking across the stage to get their diploma. 

First step 

The Booking Process 


Is when we receive your inquire, I then send back a questionnaire, in that questionnaire it is pretty much basic things. Such what are your hobbies where are you thinking about going to college. We also encourage moms to come and they can also have a great photo -op !    

Second step 

The Booking Process 

Is when we get back your questionnaire when pick outfits ( We can pick multiples ), what type of season you want your session, where you want your session !

third step 

The Booking Process 

Is you will get an email with all the details , with a confirmation  of where the shoot will be a final FaceTime call of outfit.

Fourth step 

The Booking Process 

Is we offer hair and make up if you want it, it is an extra fee, but we do work with a ton of vendors we do suggest it and we love our vendors!

Fifth step 

The Booking Process 

The final step! Once we have reached this step we just wait for your senior experience, and since we have everything done and everything I need,  it is going to be a stress free evening. I cannot wait to meet you ! 

Seventh step