Jan 10


Best of 2016

So this is one of my favorite  blog posts I have done a lot has happened this past year. The first thing is that I got to shoot along side robin who is my best friend from Get the Picture Productions ,  I have learned so much from this amazing friend  I have had the honor to second shoot Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs and weddings  with her, as you can see we have a blast doing it from some of the behind the scenes! Yes it is though that she has moved but it feels like she never moved since, she has come back ever single weekend since she moved.  Second thing is I got to meet two amazing photographers from California, I got to learn from these amazing ladies and do a whole styled shoot with them it was pretty epic. One amazing thing that I got to do was that I got to capture an amazing surprise proposals at The House of Blues in Boston at a sold out show on the stage. all in all it was one amazing year also ending 2016 I also got to get my new site up and running. I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store.

Hope you Enjoy !

Until Next Time !

I love portrait sessions  I cannot wait until your senior session this spring coming up ! <3 ya

Something about couples and the beach I just love <3 !

I cannot thank you enough for flying out teaching me for the entire day and putting up with me the entire day! Again thank you guys !

I just love this image so much !!

When you have amazing clients and an amazing church that looks like this <3 these guys so much !

Ahhh court love you !

My favorite picture of all time right here Soina and Conner you guys are amazing !

Sam you had the best light hands down ! For your senior session I did not want it to end that was how amazing it was !

These two are just the best !!! We had their engagement session and wedding all in the same month it was the best ! Love you guys !

Why I love my seniors !

Our weddings this year have been pretty epic !


Love !!!!

So this is my favorite part !! Where I get to show you guys what we really do !


This year we added Brittany and so far Britt has been such an amazing person and over all just a huge help! I can’t wait to keep shooting with her !

Favorite party planner right here after doing a double bar / bat mitzvah with us  all day dance !

This amazing friend right next to me even though she moved ! It really feels like she never left ! But thank you for everything ! <3

Now Back to the real work!  <3   

These are just awesome !

One of my fave families right here !

Getting to photograph Lily was an honor ! Love ya girl !


So cool

Even though it rained I still got to get this image !!! love you guys!

5 Years yes, 5 Years I have gotten to photograph this family love them ! so much

That I got to shoot a surprise proposal at a sold out show at the House of Blues on stage you guys are awesome !!!

When you think really creative !

Ending the year with these guys was just awesome ! their wedding was christmas themed everything just looked amazing !

Hope you guys enjoy ! Until Next Time also The new brand is up

with a whole new website !