Mar 17


Brett & Jen Magic Kingdom Session

So Jen and I met through Instagram and Facebook a while back, then back when I did a surprise proposal back in October. We finally met and at random just walking in magic kingdom, I then talk to Jen for a bit after that I explained to her what I was doing, she then stopped her morning to help me shoot a surprise  proposal for a sweet couple, after everything I then said I will most definitely be back in March for my birthday trip ! I did say to her I really would love to have my headshots done ! So we did an exchange I love being in Magic Kingdom it is my favorite park as well as Jen’s… So why not get them done in Magic Kingdom. Jen I cannot thank you enough for being such a great friend ! I am so glad I was able to capture all these memories, until Disney reopens back up here is Brett and Jen’s session!

I am so in love with these !

So much twirling ! I mean you are in Disney !

Until Next Time !