Jun 29


Courtney and Nate’s Couples Session

So Court is my one of my best friends and just an all around amazing friend. She also happens to know how to use a camera and  she also help me do a wedding the same day as her session after the wedding I had on Saturday she goes I really want photos done by you! So these were taken around 8:30 at night after the wedding was over we had packed up at 5:30 and then we got ready to go out for sunset but let me tell you these were done in about 20 mins to a half, and the love between these two are just so amazing ! <3 If you are a photographer out there I was taking these at a really high ISO it was 8:30 pm and my Iso was 1,250 for most of the session since the sunset really quick I just love everything single.

Hope you Enjoy !

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<3 this so much !

Ahh <3

2016-06-28_0003 2016-06-28_0004 2016-06-28_0005 2016-06-28_0006

They nailed everything !!


O.M.G <3

2016-06-28_0010 2016-06-28_0011 2016-06-28_0012 2016-06-28_0013 2016-06-28_0014 2016-06-28_0015 2016-06-28_0016 2016-06-28_0017 2016-06-28_0018 2016-06-28_0019 2016-06-28_0020

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Hope You Enjoy!