Nov 25


Darian and Amalia Surprise Proposal Disney World

So if you don’t know by now, but I love Disney so we go about once a year, it really truly is my happy place! So I got up one morning when we were in Disney. Before the rest of my party got up. I went to the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, I walk in and it was kind of crowded  but I had no where to be I was in no rush, so I stumbled upon this amazing yet cute couple and I asked if they wanted a photo of them and the scenery around them and they said sure! As they were trying to take a selfie, so I get a photo for them we get into line for the new ride, we get started talking and I asked where they were from and Amalia said Hartford, CT I said umm… Thats crazy I am to, I then asked what year did you graduate, she goes we are babies  I then said the same,  we graduated a year a part and we went to different schools our paths just never crossed which was kind of upsetting, because they are both amazing people. We ride the ride and get off. I then get a message on my Instagram ! From Darian asking me what I am doing at 9 am on that Saturday of my vacation, I kindly replied and said nothing why what’s up ! I am proposing to Amalia ! Do you mind if you help me out. I said ummm.. Yes, I had to throw Amalia off on instagram since I update my instastory each day in Disney. So I posted something and she instantly replied back and she said I hope to see you again soon, Enjoy the rest of your trip, well… Right down below is a glance of their proposal I cannot wait to photograph their wedding I love you guys so much! Until meet again.
Congrats to you both again ! What was also crazy is that I was just walking around Magic Kingdom and stumbled upon an amazing Instagram friend who I have always wanted to meet and that was Jennifer Pierce She got to second shoot this with me it was just such an amazing part of my trip ! Thank you again Jennifer I cannot wait to meet back up soon with you !

When Amalia sees me. Best moment of my life !