A senior photoshoot for 9 best friends

Have you ever thought to do a group photo shoot with your best friends? For these nine high school best friends, that was their top priority before graduating. The memories they made that day will last far beyond our session.

hall high school senior photography

Dreamy CT Graduation Photos for Hall High School Seniors

I love taking group senior photos of high school students. Many of us just have yearbook photos and (if we’re lucky) blurry cell phone pictures that get lost over time. That’s why I was thrilled to be hired by nine Hall High School best friends who wanted to take their senior photos together. After speaking with the girls and their parents, we decided each girl would get a solo session and come together for group photos at the end. Everything about the day was perfect. The girls wore white, creating a beautifully coordinated and elegant look. We took a mix of group photos and solo shots, capturing the unique personalities of each senior. 

Group Senior Photo shoots Capture Timeless Memories

These group sessions are particularly meaningful because after high school graduation, friends often part ways. Friends go to different colleges, move away, and start new chapters of their lives. These photos become precious memories you can cherish forever. It was a joy to capture the laughter, friendship, and shared excitement of these amazing young women.

If you’re looking for a Connecticut senior photographer to capture your high school graduation photos, whether solo or with friends, I’d love to help.