Autumn's UCONN College Graduation Photos

Graduating college is one of the most exciting times in a young person’s life. It can almost feel like the world is your playground. That was the vibe we went with for Autumn’s UCONN graduation photo shoot.

Connecticut Graduation Photographer

Taking UCONN Graduation Photos on Campus

May in Connecticut means two things - Spring is finally creeping in and eager UCONN graduates are entering the world, ready to take over. Autumn is a sweet University of Connecticut senior who contacted me to take her graduation photos. She wanted the session to happen on campus, so she could capture a few last memories. The day of her shoot was cloudy and overcast, and I was worried we’d be rained out. Thankfully, everything came together to give her a beautiful collection of images she can look back on.

Capturing Priceless Memories for CT College Grads

As a long-time UCONN graduation photographer, I knew the perfect spots on campus to go. Autumn and I trekked out to one of my favorite blooming trees on campus. She wore a white lace dress that paired perfectly with the delicate white flowers. It was screaming young, fresh, and ready to light up the world! Afterward, Autumn put on her graduation gown and cap. We walked over to the famous UCONN sign, just after sunset. After taking a few shots, I pulled out a celebratory bottle of bubbly for her to pop open. Autumn did not hold back. She shook the bottle and uncorked it, spraying the champagne everywhere. It was the perfect shot. I love doing this with my college grads because it’s such a fun way to celebrate, beyond getting a great photo. 

Autumn loved her photos, and I do too. She has a brilliant future ahead of her, and I’m so grateful to have captured these precious memories for her.