A graduation photoshoot for 4 College best friends

The friends you make in college are irreplaceable. This group of four UCONN seniors hired me to help them create one last memory before going their separate paths.

UCONN Graduation photographer

Photographing this group of four UCONN roommates for their college graduation was an absolute delight. The young women coordinated beforehand to dress in white. We captured both group and individual photos, including moments in their cap and gowns. This was an over 5,000 photo gallery, but my absolute favorite shots were when the girls celebrated with fun champagne-popping photos as a group.

A UCONN Graduation Photo Shoot for College Roommates

I love being a college graduation photographer because these sessions are so fun and incredibly important. As college ends, friends often go their separate ways, making these moments together even more precious. Creating these memories before leaving college allows you to hold onto the bond you’ve shared and the experiences that shaped your journey.

If you’re looking for a Connecticut college graduation photographer to capture you and your best friends, I’d love to help.