Apr 23


Canada Vacation

So we drove all the way up to Canada (Montreal)  which took about 6 hours ! Just to see an amazing band called Twenty one Pilots .(Which were amazing by the way ) So the day we got there was the day we saw the concert ! Mind you had no clue what anyone was saying but everyone was super nice. Then the second day that we were there , We got to explore old town and go into this amazing church which was so cool and explore a museum. Went to the underground mall ! Then went to a very well know deli which was called Schwartz deli amazing people there just awesome personalties there and the food was amazing ! Last day we got to eat at Tim Hortons for breakfast, which by the way is at every single corner just like New York and their Starbucks, but Time Hortons was amazing food and so much better than our Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. Then As we crossed the border we stopped at the Ben and Jerry’s Factory which was awesome. I would go back to Canada in a second if I had the chance !

Hope you enjoy these photos I did bring a camera with me and of course I do have iPhone pictures

Hope you enjoy !

Until Next Time!

Our amazing hotel


(iPhone Pic) But best concert of my life

2016-04-23_0002 2016-04-23_0003 2016-04-23_0004

(Camera photos) On the metro to old town exploring day

2016-04-09_0002 2016-04-09_0001

2016-04-09_0003 2016-04-09_00042016-04-09_0005

Just amazing

2016-04-09_0009 2016-04-09_0010 2016-04-09_0011 2016-04-09_0012 2016-04-09_00132016-04-09_0015
2016-04-09_00172016-04-09_0018 2016-04-09_0019

(Iphone Photos) This Church was just breath taking !!



2016-04-09_0021 2016-04-09_0022

Under Ground Mall Time

2016-04-09_0025 2016-04-09_0026

Schwartz Deli was amazing had some smoked meat !


Tim Hortons!! We really need to have one here in the U.S badly !



Ben and Jerry’s Time

2016-04-09_0028 2016-04-09_0029 2016-04-09_0030 2016-04-09_0031 2016-04-09_0032

Wall of favors !!!



I would like one of each flavor please !!!


Lily don’t be mad I had to put this in here waiting in line for the tour


Grave yard of flavors

2016-04-09_0037 2016-04-09_0038 2016-04-09_0039 2016-04-09_0040

 Hope you enjoyed!

Until Next Time !