Apr 29


Laura and Rachel are Coming !!

I knew that when 2016 hit I knew I had to take something that would better me in what I love to do ! I knew weather it being a workshop, online Skype mentoring session, or a one – on -one mentoring session. I knew I had to pick people who are fun, that are dedicated to what they love to do and are some what a style that can help me lead me into the direction I want to go for. These guys have been on the top of my list for awhile now and they do so much for the community of photography, every time I had a question about something they would always be there to answer. What also stood out from them is that they are a mother and daughter team. Which when I was picking out what education I wanted I thought to myself they stand out, the ones I looked at were husband and wife photographers which is amazing and love a lot of husband and wife photographers out there I give you guys a lot of credit. But what stood out with them is that they are mom and daughter team so they think even more a like. So with that being said in a month Laura and Rachel from Laura Hernandez Photography are coming to see me and mentor me for a whole day 8- hours of content, new head shots, and a styled shoot I have been wanting to take a workshop for about a year or so  and I finally found one that fits to what I am looking for I am excited to learn from these incredible creatives next month!

I hope this helps photographers how are in the same situation I am in
also down below to read more about the mentoring session!

Until Next Time!

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