Jun 15


Krissy and Matt

So if you looked in my last blog post (My Mentoring Session)  there is this anniversary session that was a dream, Krissy and Matt are just amazing Krissy is also an amazing photographer and you can check out her work at the link http://www.krissybreecephotography.com. But just hearing how krissy started photography and how she got where she got it is just fun meeting new photographers. But apart of the mentoring session was having a styled session and this was just so perfect ! It was suppose to rain for the session but since we live in New England the weather changes every five seconds so we had a gorgeous sunset. I hope you enjoy this anniversary session with the sweetest couple!

Hope you Enjoy !

Until Next Time !

2016-06-15_0001 2016-06-15_0002

I just <3 this !!

2016-06-15_0003 2016-06-15_0004 2016-06-15_0009

Maybe one of my faves !!


Oh Krissy!!!

2016-06-15_0007 2016-06-15_0006 2016-06-15_0005 2016-06-15_0010 2016-06-15_0011 2016-06-15_0012 2016-06-15_0013

Yup that amazing ! <3

2016-06-15_0014 2016-06-15_0019 2016-06-15_0018 2016-06-15_0017


<3 <3

Until Next Time