Jun 14


My Mentoring Session

So awhile back I posted a blog post about two amazing powerful creative photographers. Which was Laura and Rachel  As soon as they stepped out of the car we all said this is not even real,  As we started the mentoring showed me so much it was like hitting the refresh button on my life what I was doing wrong, what I was doing right what had to be changed these. As we sat down in a coffee shop the first meeting place they first said to me we are an open book ask us anything and everything yes they had a plan in their heads of what they wanted to teach me…. But they said to me just ask us anything , I just loved hearing about why / how they became who they are as photography and leading up to what they do now, These girls are just the sweetest ! As we went to lunch we talked a lot more about what I really needed to be changed and then also Social media these guys are huge on social media, and blogging after I told them, I don’t blog they both kind of just stared at me and then gave me tasks, That I must blog two to three times a week, they also gave me a tons of homework, lists and goals that I needed to achieve by a certain time and day and well so far I have kept up with everything, except for the blogging but I am working on that. As we went to the third place for meeting up was another coffee shop and what I know about Laura and Rachel is that they love their coffee and they said it tasted different than California and Laura tried her first crepe, anyways the last part of teaching was going through my website and picking out what I needed in my website and what needed to be gone from the website and what the blog should look like and what it should not look like these girls are just amazing teachers. The last part of the mentoring session was a styled session so we had an anniversary session and new headshots these guys know how to walk through posing like crazy the sun came out and lets just say it was pretty epic that I got to shoot pictures along side these guys it was just so surreal, So down below are BTS images and a few new headshots and also images from the styled session ! There will be a blog post this week on the anniversary session

Thank you Laura and Rachel for everything that you guys do ! <3

Laura and Rachel’s Photos :http://laurahernandezphotography.com/blog/2016/06/07/hartford-connecticut-state-capital-anniversary-session-matt-krissy/

 Hope you Enjoy

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